Building a Home in Maine

Design Your Custom Home

PencilJazz of Maine has enjoyed 25 years of experience in designing custom architecture, remodels and additions for folks all over Maine.  I listen well and work hard to deliver the design you dream about. My fees are very competitive. PencilJazz will be delighted to show you how to fit all your dreams inside your budget.

Thorough Design Planning

The builder and building inspector must see your final construction plan set before they can make any decisions or form a reliable cost estimate. Every lot of land has new conditions. Your cottage should be uniquely designed to take full advantage of your land and accommodate your lifestyle and future dreams in an exciting way.

Assemble the Costs

The cost of building a home is divided into the following components:

  1. Site Excavation & Utilities Installation Costs
  2. Foundation Installation Costs
  3. Building Materials Costs
  4. Builder Labor & Equipment Costs
  5. Interior Finish Component Costs
  6. Landscaping & Driveway Costs

Steps to Design & Build

  1. Tell Your Designer Everything You Want
  2. Create Design & Construction Plans
  3. Plan Review Meeting With Builder
  4. Produce a Materials Cost Spreadsheet
  5. Include Equipment, Labor & Schedule
  6. Agreements & Accounting Plan

Obtain Bank Loan Financing to Build

Once you have completed the Steps to Design & Build, then you are ready to approach your bank for a home construction loan. If you are any less prepared, they will probably turn you down. They can’t read your mind. The details matter. A thorough plan tells them that you are organized and will follow building codes. You need to present your plan with strength and commitment. Hire PencilJazz for a proper set of construction plans, then bring aboard a builder whom you trust.