Define Green Solar House

Green Solar House

Green Solar House

Solar panels are also very intelligent roofing. What is a Green Solar House? Green is a philosophy, not an exact science. Every location and site condition contribute to the best strategy. Green means that you have tried to avoid a negative impact on the environment in your choice of materials. A green solar design is one that is so well planned and built that it requires very little energy to heat. We should never sacrifice style, beauty or aesthetics when designing energy efficiency. We do this with conservation techniques, appropriate insulation, controled ventilation, and we might include solar cells to eliminate the rest of the energy costs if you desire. Whether you heat with oil, gas, wood, or the sun, all choices could be practical ones with a lot of green included, but you should build a smart home that needs very little energy to heat, and if you can, one that generates it’s own electricity. This could save you several thousand dollars per year that could be applied to your independence. A solar home is one that is designed to be warm and comfortable and very easy to heat and light.

Keeping up on the Green Technology Industry is no small task. It is growing and changing rapidly. Here is a fine online trade journal on the subject.

This online magazine is a little slow changing, but quite informative.

Brush up on your wind power engineering.

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