Mark T Saintonge

I began as a carpenter on the shores of New England for 7 years. I attended Boston Architectural College and worked under talented architects and builders for 10 years. I practiced Design & Construction Planning in Maine for 20 years. I drafted the design and plans of many new and historic residences, town houses, city buildings, bank prototypes, additions, multi unit developments and custom family homes. Today, I design and draw up constructions plans for custom architecture involving passive and active solar features and optimally designed to fit your budget.

Would you like to talk creatively? I would be delighted to visit your land or building with you to learn about your dreams and offer ideas and plans for achieving them. PencilJazz produces design and construction plans for all kinds of residential and small commercial buildings. Call any time to talk creatively. We are entering an exciting new era for economy and ecology in residential design. Let’s talk about the future.