Design & Construction Planning

Here is an overview of our Design & Planning Technique.

Phase 1 : Design Development

Interior Translucent Wireframe Renderings

We begin together by walking the land at your building site and talking about your lifestyle and dreams. I study the site, ask a lot of questions, and I listen and take notes and photos. I measure and render existing conditions drawings. Then I design ideas and prepare a design concept presentation. We make important final decisions and identify the best materials and components. Then I begin the Design Planning.

Phase 2 : Design Planning

Exterior 3D Elevation Renderings

I draft the final design using CAD computer software. You will see the idea in full color, 3D renderings, outside and inside, and see how well the furniture will fit in your new home. I share design renderings with you to customize the idea with your last minute changes. When the building design is complete and approved, then the technical details begin as we produce the Construction Plan Set.

Phase 3 : Construction Planning

Building Section & Floor Plan

Construction Plan Sets may include 11″ by 17″ Design Renderings and 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″ Construction Plan Sets, and PDF files you can use to print more copies. A Plan Set, depending upon the project, may be composed of floor plans, dimensions, sections, elevations, details, electrical, plumbing, windows, doors, engineering notes and details, and general specifications and might occupy from 5 to 25 sheets.

A plan is your contract with the builder and the goal of your investment. You will need the plans for a building permit, cost estimates, loan approval, and materials purchases. Most of all, you need a set of plans to be sure that your builder knows what you want and so that the project goes smoothly and stays within your budget.