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Green Solar House

Define Green Solar House

Solar panels are also very intelligent roofing. What is a Green Solar House? Green is a philosophy, not an exact science. Every location and site condition contribute to the best strategy. Green means that you have tried to avoid a negative impact on the environment in your choice of materials. A green solar design is […]

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Stair Styles

Stair Case Design Elements

Homes between 500 SF and 3000 SF will frequently encounter the most planning struggles centered around the stairs. The reason for this is that the stairs tend to dictate much of the circulation pattern in the floor plan, on both floors. With the stairs in the wrong place, it seems impossible to find a room […]

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Solar Energy Grid Tied System

Solar Energy System; Grid Tie, Hybrid

A Grid Tied Solar Electric Power System is one that sends all the power to the electric company for credit. Another option is to build the same system with a battery storage array and keep the power in the house. Doing both is also an option. This diagram is the simplest way to illustrate the […]

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LED Light Bulb

Energy Conservation for Efficiency

It is my opinion that the most cost efficient and practical clean energy puchase for you here in my region is to put a photovoltaic solar panel on the south roof, or an array on the yard pointing south, and wire the electricity back to the power company for credit. This is called a “grid-tied […]

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