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Plan Set Components Chart

Architectural Plan Set Components

You may be wondering what components PencilJazz includes in a thorough set of residential architectural construction plans. This chart will give you a general idea of what is included in a full scope construction set, although assignments vary in scope as does the level of detail needed by the client. Often, things like the Electrical […]

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Why Hire an Architect?

Why Hire an Architect? The most important reason for hiring an architect to design and plan your house is because you want an exceptional, excellent design. However, the reasons go deeper. Here is a good way to consider your decision. You want the builder to know every little detail of your house before he prices […]

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Custom Designed Wooden Door

Front Door Styles & Craftsmanship

My favorite brand of standard residential exterior doors is Thermatru for their durability, insulation, and weatherstripping. Andersen also has an extensive line of pretty good doors. You may also have your architect design a wonderfully creative front entry door and line up a good craftsman. http://www.thermatru.com/ http://www.andersenwindows.com/ http://www.trustile.com/ http://www.affinitydoors.com/

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Shingles Fiber Cement

Wood Clapboards & Shingles of Fiber Cement

A wood alternative siding such as fiber cement siding is able to match the traditional look of wood, with substantially lower maintenance expenses. It is extremely durable, dimensionally stable, and resistant to everyday “dings”. As is the case for natural wood, fiber cement must be primed and painted or stained. However, the material’s superior paint […]

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Certainteed Batt Insulation

High Density Batt Insulation

The CertainTeed company seems to be the USA company with the highest density, highest R-value batt insulation for exterior walls. Their 5.5 inch fiberglass batt yields an R-value of 21. That is 2 points higher than most other batt insulation. This still is not enough to rate your wall with LEED, but it helps. Certainteed […]

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Stone Veneer : Endurance, Natural Beauty

There are a staggering number of textures of stone veneer available to an architect for the application to a wall of a home. In every region of the world, these textures reflect the types of stone available in that region, as well as the aesthetic sensibilities of the local population. Add to that a number […]

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