Energy Efficient Refrigerator



As it happens, your refrigerator is one of the three largest consumers of electricity in a small home. A new refrigerator that is Energy Star rating compliant will require roughly 400 kwh/year. At regional rates, that might range between $50 and $100 per year on your electric bill. A 20 year old refrigerator could consume twice the power. Might be time to upgrade.

Search the list of brands and models that are Energy Star compliant.

This is a pretty good choice in a well known brand.

It is more energy efficient with the freezer on top or below. Icemakers use more power, do you really need one? Automatic defrosters are a good invention, but it doubles the energy consumption. What’s it worth to you?

When you are shopping for a chest freezer to store a bulk of frozen goods, note again that the auto defroster will double consumption, but the lift-up doors tend not to let warm air in, because warm air rises. So they are more efficient than your refrigerator that is opened and closed sideways all day. If a refrigerator gets dirty, it will burn more electricity, and won’t work as well either. Also, an empty refrigerator will consume more power than a full one. If yours is half empty, fill the rest with juice containers of clear water. They will store the cold and assist.

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