Exterior Wall Insulation

Core Bond Insulation

Core Bond Insulation

The minimum R-value for a LEED certified, energy efficient home is about to reach R-30. In a conventional stick framed home with 5.5 inch studs, fiberglass doesn’t offer this level of insulation. Many add 2 inches of rigid foam insulation to the outside of the studs. This works. You can achieve an R-35, but you buy both fiber batt and the rigid foam and have to apply both. Seems to me, the added expense of using CoreBond blown in foam insulation is roughly the same price, and really quite an elegant solution. You won’t even have to buy extension jambs for the windows because the walls are 2 inches thicker, and end up with tunnel vision in the window openings, which also block solar gain to a detectable degree. So, I recommend CoreBond insulation.

JM Corbond III closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a premium insulation solution, creating an advanced thermal, air and moisture barrier. This powerful insulation offers a maximum lift thickness of up to three inches in a single pass, providing an R-value of 19 at 3 inches and R-39 at 6 inches. JM Corbond III® SPF has one of the highest-yields of any closed-cell foam insulation and can be installed in temperatures as low as 25 degrees

CoreBond Insulation

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